Is a hidden service address findable by other users on the tor network?

I have a server at home that controls stuff in my home, now i want to access this server from anywhere. I l know, that the best solution would probably be to configure a VPN, but that’s really annoying with my current setup. So i wondered if i could run a hidden service from the home server wich i could access from anywhere. My question is, is there a list or something, that stores my .onion address, or is the only way to access a .onion address to know the exact address?


There’s not really a good search engine that indexes onion services but you can setup Client Authorisation to make your onion service private and authenticated with a passkey.


The onion v3 services are not discoverable easily. No server has a list, even partial. So only way to create such a list would be to test all possibilities and see if a connection works to some port.

So if you use an onion v3 (not vanity, ie. you let the tor software generate it), a non-standard port, and Client Authorisation, you should be on top of what can be done!

Do not forget to make sure your server is not reachable from the outside world by other means, ie use a firewall.

have fun!

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