IPv6 address not found, technical help appreciated

I have a Raspberry Pi that I am trying to set up as a non-exit TOR relay. I have my router configured in pass-through mode, but Tor logs say that cannot find a valid IPv6 address

Port forwarding on IPv4 works fine, and the relay is online and working just fine. But I want to have IPv6 support as well, so I’m not quite sure how to do so.
I’m using a Orbi RBR20, running firmware version
My router supports the following IPv6 configurations:

  • Disabled
  • Auto Detect
  • Auto Config
  • 6to4 Tunnel
  • 6rd
  • Pass Through
  • Fixed
  • DHCP
  • Orange France

You need to be issued an IPv6 address by your ISP. Since most don’t provide one at this time you likely don’t have one. If your using a VPS you may have been provided one. You can verify this by typing “ip addr” in your command line and your “global” ipv6 ip address will be shown. If it is only showing a local ipv6 address your ISP either didn’t provide you one, most likely scenario, or you need to set up ipv6 on your host computer, which you would need to know the ipv6 address issued to you.

Thanks! I will talk complain to my ISP

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