iPad: Need Help With Download & Installation

Can I download, install, and run Tor on IPad? If so, I need some help. I understand the core mechanics, but, Im missing something. Help would be appreciated.


Depending on what you want to achieve, you can use either Orbot, which allows sending the content of other apps through Tor, or Onion Browser which tries to mimic Tor Browser, with the limitations that Apple enforce on browsers on iOS (that they must use some core parts of Safari, which means Onion Browser can’t have all the features Tor Browser have).

On the App Store, you may find other apps that name themselves “Tor Browser” or similar. These are not endorsed by The Tor Project and may not be safe to use.


Thank you for responding. I’ve tried both of those and download the Tor browser, but the downloads get me a file that is empty. And I’m unable to move them.


Have you opened the links in your iPad? It should show Apple Store and from there you just need to tap “install”.


Hello trinity and @gus,

Maybe it’s just me being paranoid, but if you do a quick search on the Apple Store, another Orbot app will show up as the first option, which is not the official app AFAIK. It is published by STELLAR APPS LIMITED, which on the App Store states that no data is being collected from users. However, after reviewing the privacy policy, data like email, user location some other app’s debug information is being collected, with ads being served.

Apparently, there’s two places where the privacy policy is being served, one from their official website and the other regarding some “fullbrowser app” domain.

This app, as you may notice, is much more popular than the official Orbot app, with over 200 reviews. I installed it and it looks a bit sketchy, ngl. It also allows you to connect directly to the Tor network, without the need to download the iOS version of Tor Browser (Onion Browser).

I guess anyone is free to make their own app to connect to the Tor network, but this case with a non-matching privacy policy in the App Store and their website, doesn’t look good to me. It is a security concern for us users, IMO. The app also lets you pick your “Tor location” with little-to-no options, just USA, Germany, Poland and a couple more.

I contacted theguardian about this last Monday, but they haven’t answered back.

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