Invisible messages

Usually, when I post message at this forum, I can see it in approval status and can delete it if I want.
But for some reason, when I added message to this topic, message disappeared.
It is still visible on activity/pending tab in my profile, but not directly in topic.
Can anyone explain why it happens?

Update: right after message is published, it is visible.
But after I press F5 - it disappears.

I have no idea on the reason for this, but I have the same issue. I also couldn’t delete a message I posted by mistake, as I got an error like “This resource can’t be found” (after I refreshed the page it “disappeared”, but is present in approval queue). However we’re discussing here, so the posts obviously get to the moderators anyway.

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At some point, problem with invisible messages was solved.

However, problem with deletion of unapproved messages is still there - server fails to execute deletion request and responds with 404 error.