Internet forums still know my identity even with Tor (how can I fix)

I got banned from an internet forum and have absolutely no idea why. I was having perfectly cordial conversations with people there, and did not mention politics or religion (the two subjects on the site which are not allowed). Anyway, I hadn’t logged into that site for 7 months. I went to login there the other day and it said that I was banned, and I have no idea why.

Anyway, I tried to re-registered for the forum yesterday using Tor, but my registration was rejected because it said I was banned. So that means somehow, even with Tor they were able to know my identity. I used a brand-new email address to register, that I had just created, on an email server that I had never used before.

How did they know my identity, and how can I register there without hem knowing it’s me? Can Tor help me keep my identity private?

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