Inexplicable Menu Setup

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I have downloaded what is supposed to be an English Tor installation tar file. It is version ‘tor-browser-linux64-11.0.1_en-US’. When I install it it has a menu that is totally unreadable. I will attach a picture of what I see. It appears that the Menu Labels are ‘hieroglyphic’ in nature.
I am running Fedora 34 64 bit version. Tor version is 11.0.1. I simply went through, successfully and installed the Tor on my machine. I believe that it installed as it presents a menu to me. Problem is I can not read it. Unfortunately I cannot get you the .log file as I cannot maneuver it. Any help would be appreciated …

  • Operating System you are using
  • Tor Browser version
  • Tor Browser Security Level
  • Step by step of how you got to the issue, so we can reproduce it (e.g. I opened the browser, typed a url, clicked on (i) icon, then my browser crashed)
  • (optional) A screenshot of the problem
  • The Tor log

I was able to solve my issue with the answer from Leto. The error in the first line of that ‘fonts.conf’ being a ‘1’ instead of an ‘11’ really had me going. Thank you Leto. Hopefully newer versions will not have this problem because it is extremely disconcerting to anyone trying out the latest version of Tor. Thanks …