Inbound vs Outbound traffic and activating IPv6 on my router


I recently activated IPv6 on my router per my understanding of my ISP configuration (I called the tech support and they had zero clue what I was asking about, so I looked it up) and suddenly on my Relay via Nyx, I have thousands of inbound connections that I never had before!

Yet, strangely, a significantly fewer number of outbound traffic.

I have spent the last day or so trying to get my relay to recognize the IPv6 and get the OK from running…

ping6 -c2 2001:858:2:2:aabb:0:563b:1526 && ping6 -c2 2620:13:4000:6000::1000:118 && ping6 -c2 2001:67c:289c::9 && ping6 -c2 2001:678:558:1000::244 && ping6 -c2 2607:8500:154::3 && ping6 -c2 2001:638:a000:4140::ffff:189 && echo OK.

Which tells me the relay can do the IPv6 thing, but that’s another post altogether.

My main question for this post is this: Why so many inbound suddenly when I never had any before turning on IPv6 on my router, and why is the number of outbound traffic not equal to inbound?


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Hello @Koji,

The tor network is having a major DDoS attack since a few months, you may have thousands of connections that are inbound of your relay. Its a consequence of the DDoS, relays have a lot of connections which overload them. For me, the IPv6 isnt the problem.
You can put a limit of connections in the torrc config if it blocks yours with ConnLimit parameter.