Improved compatability with Orbot - Possible?

Orbot and TBB in it’s current state do not play well together.

If Orbot is active and TBB is launched, Tor over Tor will happen - which is not good. In fact, Orbot already detects this and warns you in the logs. (You can get around this by using a bridge, but again, Tor over Tor = bad)

Would it be possible for TBB/Orbot to have a mechanism that goes “hey, Orbot is currently active, so let’s NOT route Tor over Tor and instead use the circuits that Orbot provides.” (Onion Browser on iOS already does this).

Or perhaps it could be the other way around: Orbot splits the traffic and TBB traffic goes normally.

Anyways, I guess all I’m saying is that TBB/Orbot should have a optional switch so they play well with each other.