Important problems during 10 years of use Tor Browser for identity protection

Security problems: Could pay more attention the team to use random custom ports when connecting the user the TOR network. Exit nodes could be high anonymity. Most of them tell i’m a proxy or i’m a TOR-exit in host name. Need a protection mechanism from detecting easy way all exit and non exit nodes fast way. POW, blockchains, the important thing for the future will be to solve the problem. And it would be necessary to promote Tor browser users to run exit and non exit nodes with simple setups. It would need work for a short time exit and non exit nodes which are difficult to block, detect them all, and protect the users for too much malicious operators. Internet providers and websites too easy way detect the user are using TOR. Average users who run TOR browser could get more attention instead of non stop servers to run relay and bridges. Because for as short a time as possible run the relay and now relays are connect and reconnect the network this makes it difficult to track/block them.

In the past 3 years earlier, every page was available with TOR. There was such a thing some nodes was blocked, but there has been a new problem WEBSITES CAN BLOCKING ALL EXIT NODE ACCESS FROM THE TOR NETWORK.

These are the things I find to be the biggest weakness of the network.

Which would be very useful: Support all IP protocol transfers TCP, UDP, like VPN services does. Many programs using UDP transfer like torrent clients.

DNS Tunneling mode UDP port 53: With the port 80 and 443 when specific port allowed to connect to the TOR network UDP 53 it would be a very useful thing. When a user use a public Hot Spot this is the only way to connect to the internet. All bridges will fail in this case. But DNS tunneling are working perfecty and not to slow like psiphon3, Open VPN, Your Freedom do it. TOR will fail in public hot sports to connect to the internet.

Which I really like about it: The onion routing, the network is fast and good to upload and download larger under 2 GB files. I’m a blogger and video blogger in pyrotechnics theme. I use the software on a daily basis to protect my identity. I saw some secret service methods on how users are tracked. From the web pages and internet provider of the user the users are highly tracked. Without proxy chains, and encrypted connection the user are easy way can tracked back. Behind a VPN our internet provider and the site detect the same IP. With TOR the 3 hop (chains) what operate independent volunteers this problems are not exit. :wink: