IAT-MODE=2 helpful in Turkmenistan?

In response to the thread “Help Turkmens to bypass Internet censorship: run an obfs4 bridge!”, which I cannot reply to, as I am not on the tor-relays mailing list.

A while back there was a call for bridges with iat-mode set to 1 or 2:

A user in Iran reported:

“only when both side have iat-mode=1 or 2, it is undetected.”

I tested this set-up this morning and documented my procedure. One thing I noted from the client’s point of view:

“When I tested this, the connection got to 50% progress, and then there was a delay of about 2 minutes before the connection was complete. It may be necessary to wait a few minutes the first time you connect to a bridge.”

I wonder if the same thing applies in Turkmenistan as that user found in Iran – that iat-mode=2 assists in evading detection?