I want to Use tails in starbucks

I am a beginner. I want to use Tails at Starbucks, but it is refused. It seems that WIFI connection is possible by using non-tor communication, and Tails can be used as is. I don’t know how. Also, it seems that this is not a feature unique to Qubes or Tails. I looked into it, but I couldn’t really understand it. advice please.

Whether you use Tails, Qubes, Whonix, or the Tor browser (on any device), you are still connecting to the Tor network. The entry nodes for the Tor network are publicly listed. Starbucks, or their security vendor, simply goes on the Tor project’s website, downloads the IP addresses of Tor nodes, and blocks connections to those IPs from any Starbucks IPs. They do this to reduce their liability.

You can likely bypass this by simply using a Bridge: Tails - Connecting to the Tor network