I want to connect to my private bridge

One of the disadvantages of the Tor is that it is sometimes slow. If I set up my own high speed bridge on a dedicated server, then can I configure the Tor to only connect to that bridge and increase the speed? Is it possible?


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Sure, just configure your bridge line in your Tor Browser and you are fine. Set BridgeDistribution none in your torrc to prevent your bridge from being distributed to other users.

But keep in mind that this will only affect the connection to the first hop. It will not speed up the connection to the middle and exit relay and also not the connection from the exit relay to the clearnet destination. This is out of your control.

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Please remember to set up two bridges so your Tor client will use Conflux.

Emerald Onion script can help you to deploy multiple obfs4 bridges instances: GitHub - emeraldonion/bridge-management.