I keyed in "ip addr" in the Tails Terminal, and got 4 answers

Hi folks,
I have played with other Linux distros, so I am trying Tails also.
I opened the terminal in Tails, and keyed in “ip addr”. I looked in the line that says “BROADCAST, MULTICAST, UP, LOWER-UP”, and noticed that there were four such lines that give IP addresses and MAC addresses. Can anyone explain the meaning of that? Thank you.

eth0 or wlan0 are your physical interfaces.
The interfaces beginning with veth- are connecting different network namspaces. Tails uses these to separate programs from another and eventually from an attacker gaining access to parts of the system. You can find some documentation here.

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Thanks very much, Jarl. So it looks like Tails may be more secure than other Linux distros!!

Yes and no.
Tails is very good in its specific use case. As a preconfigured live system for anonymity. But as soon as you use it like any other distribution and start using stuff like sudo or install other programs and dont bother with the right configuration all goes down the drain.
On the other hand there is no maigc involved. With the technical knowledge and time you could configure most other linux distributions to use the same techniques as tails and be very secure.
So its more a case of the right tool for the job.


Thank you for the additional explanation, Jarl. Much appreciated!