I cant edit torrc

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I edited the torrec file, but the results are not reflected. For example, editing to exclude American servers from exit and entry nodes will not remove them. After editing the torrec file, I use Word to overwrite and save it. At that time, the newly edited file will be added as a new file. The torrec file before editing also exists. Am I doing something wrong? Please give me some advice. The code I wrote is as follows. I wrote it in the last column of Word. ExcludeNodes {jp},{us},{gb},{ca},{au},{nz},{dk},{fr},{nl},{no},{de},{be},{ it},{es},{il},{sg},{kr},{se}, ExcludeExitNodes {jp},{us},{gb},{ca},{au},{nz},{dk},{fr},{nl},{no},{de},{be},{ it},{es},{il},{sg},{kr},{se},{bg},{cz},{fi},{hu},{ie},{lv} NumEntryGuards 5 Strict Nodes 1

Use a text editor like Notepad if in Windows or mousepad, vim, vi, in Linux. Word is not really an text editor as such but a a word processor.

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Thank you for your reply. In other words, I have to use something like Notepad instead of Word to reflect the edited contents of torrec in the Tor settings.

I edited the torrec file, but the results are not reflected

Typically the file is called torrc without an β€œe” in the name. One can use any filename with option -f from the commandline or %include in default-torrc for the daemon.

Cheers, Felix

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I assumed torrc instead of torrec. I figured it was a typo. Forgot to mention it.

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Thank you both. It’s a simple spelling mistake, sorry.