I cannot connect to tor!

So I tried everything from tutorials to reading forums, still no luck…
Logs are empty, The issue here is this:“Tor exited during startup. This might be due to an error in your torrc file, a bug in Tor or another program on your system, or faulty hardware. Until you fix the underlying problem and restart Tor, Tor Browser will not start.” I reinstalled it a thousand times, didnt work. Help!

The following might resolve the issue:

  1. Please make sure the timezone (date and time) is accurate on your system.
  2. If you’re using a VPN, please disable it.
  3. If you’re using an antivirus software, try to relaunch the Tor Browser after disabling it.
  4. If the Browser was working before and is not working now, your system may have been hibernating. A reboot, in that case, will solve the issue.
  5. Please try updating the operating system.

If the issue persists, please do mention:

  1. What operating system and what version? (e.g Windows 7, Windows 11, macOS 13, etc.)
  2. What version of Tor Browser? (e.g latest is Tor Browser 13.0.1)

Is windows 10 compatible?

Yes! Is this Windows 10 Home, or something else? (like Pro)

Nope, Regular windows 10… Rebooting is the key? Because its the only problem I have right now.

Worth trying, yes. Please keep us posted!

It didnt work, same error

  1. Back up anything important - bookmarks, noscript rules, everything! Store this somewhere convenient - say, your desktop.

  2. Go to your Tor browser folder. There should be a folder named Tor, inside should be a bunch of files, including your torrc.
    Delete the whole “Tor” folder.

  3. Try to launch now. If still failing, delete the ENTIRE Tor browser install. Reinstall.

Try the new bridge: https://torscan-ru.ntc.party/