How to view logs in Windows Tor Expert Bundle after 12.0 update?

Thank you very much. Is there any way to let it still show a console (so-called Dos box), like previous versions always did? I mean, those status messages which looks like…

Dec 08 10:00:00.000 [notice] Tor (git-1885fa4d36ea26c1) running on...
Dec 08 10:00:00.000 [notice] Bootstrapped 0% (starting): 

…and informative warnings, notices, Heartbeat reports, etc. I’ll really miss that “log window” thing. Thanks again.

You are supposed to be able to open cmd or powershell and run tor.exe but that doesn’t work either, richard will look into it.

Until it has been fixed you can make it work by running tor.exe Log "notice file ./tor.log" in cmd/powershell/etc., and then a file named tor.log should appear with all the info you would normally get in the console.


Thanks so much! It worked :slight_smile: Really appreciated!

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