How to use Tor system-wide

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  • Ubuntu Jammy
  • 12.0

Hi, I was wondering how can I use Tor Browser system-wide, where it covers all apps and connections?

There’s a good intro here:

But after enabling, only some apps get access to it, and some other apps and services do not, noticeably the apt-get program itself.

Is there any way to do this which would cover all connections?

Tails is an operating system that makes all connections go through tor. It has a very strict firewall that does not allow other connections to go out.

The problem with a ‘whole OS solution’ is that some programs may not respect the setting and skip tor.

For apt, please read Can I use APT over Tor? | Tor Project | Support and there are also repositories that have onion addresses, like Debian.

You can also use torsocks to run programs from the terminal, although they could potentially leak your IP, for example in metadata, even when transmitted through tor.


Maybe you want to try Whonix?

It is a Debian VM (actually two Debian VMs) that sends all their traffic through the Tor network.
But you would need to work in the Whonix Workstation VM if you want your traffic to go through Tor because it will not magically direct the traffic from your host through Tor.

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