How to test tor and relay explanation

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Hello, I have used this browser for a while, couldn’t get my sites other wise, but am new to other stuff, I wouldn’t mind testing updated versions but don’t know how, also what does acting as a relay, involve, James

Hi @MissKitty

To test new and upcoming features in the browser, I’d recommend installing Tor Browser Alpha. More information about this: Tor Project | Become an alpha tester

As a note, Tor Browser Alpha is unstable version of Tor Browser and you should expect running into unknown bugs. Please limit your use of Tor Browser Alpha just to preview new features, test their performance and provide feedback before their release and not as your daily driver.

Much detailed information on what running a Tor relay entails, Tor Project | Relay Operations
The technical considerations and requirements will vary on the type of relay.

As a starting point, I would recommend running Snowflake though. Snowflake is crucial for users in regions with high censorship and is a great way to contribute! It’s as easy as running a browser extension, but you can also run the Standalone Snowflake proxy.

Hope that helps!

The thing is, I already have a version of tor called alpha, but it states this version is unstable, so when I download and attempt to install the good alpha version there are issues, should I uninstall the version I already have, and then try to install the decent version, I was going to do that, but am concerned of having issues, and then not having any versions, James

Also, there is an other issue, whenever I want to download anything using tor, it does not always do it, I seem to have a number of downloads aborting because of poor internet quality, I expect that considering I am using tor, I am using a bridge obfs4, I do not know how to get other bridges, except the built in ones, maybe some help there would good too, James

Unless the other built in bridges are better, let me know, James

OK thanks it does help, but when it comes to the technical aspects of tor, I am on the the first step of the ladder, I know the more I play and ask questions, it will get better, just one thing, when you say , limit my use of tor alpha, and do not use as daily driver, not sure I understand, if you have problems accessing any of your preferred sites, using the usual, highly censored fellows and other platforms, is that not the point, James

For your daily driver, I will recommend using Tor Browser Stable. Uninstall the version you have right and make a fresh install. Depending on your operating system, instructions are here, INSTALLATION | Tor Project | Tor Browser Manual

If you run into any issues post-install, please open a thread in ,
Tor Browser Desktop - Tor Project Forum (do check if the issue is already discussed :slight_smile: )

You do not require a bridge if your internet or your connection to Tor is not censored.

Sorry for the confusion. What I meant is, it’s not recommended to use Tor Browser Alpha for your regular browsing. You can use Tor Browser Stable for that.

Use Tor Browser Alpha, to test new features (which are usually mentioned in the changelogs, e.g. see ‘Full Changelog’ New Alpha Release: Tor Browser 13.0a6 (Android, Windows, macOS, Linux) | The Tor Project), other changes to the user interface and so on.

i am not sure if it was the snowflake bridge or not, but if it was thanks, downloads are so much faster, thanks James

Hello Ebanam, which version of tor would you suggest I use all the time, don’t all of the versions go through some testing at some point, sy whenever a new or updated one comes out

Please use the most recent version of the stable application (i.e. not Alpha or Nightly, which are pre-release versions intended for testing), and ensure you keep it up to date by installing updates whenever the app notifies you that one’s available.

“Stable” is the term we use to refer to the normal version that uses the purple (rather than green or blue) icon, and can be downloaded here: Tor Project | Download

Once you’re using the right version, you should no longer see the text reading “This is an unstable version of Tor Browser for testing new features.” on the homepage :slight_smile:

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