How to run a Guard relay if I have only one static IPv4 address?

Hello! I already run a Snowflake (can’t let my pc open 24/7 to run a bridge) and I want to run a Guard relay too. I have only one static IPv4 and I’ve read that I should run a Guard relay if I have multiple static IPs or a dynamic one. I also saw that you can run Guard on Windows if you keep it open 24/7, so I will run it on Ubuntu from virtual machine. What should I do to be able to run a Guard relay?
Thank you!

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Hello @dragospirvu75, I’d recommend running a snowflake proxy or an obfs4 bridge if you only have one IP address and a residential connection. If you run a public relay, your IP address will end up on blocklists, and you may have some bad experiences while visiting websites like online banking and other online services.


Okay, thanks!

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