How to monitor and limit the bandwidth of Tor connections?

Is it possible to monitor the clients that connected to my Tor server (Linux box) and limit the bandwidth they use?

Thank you.

you should not monitor the clients, thus you shall not limit specific clients

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Thank you so much for your reply.
I meant that, I want to see how much bandwidth is using by a client that connected to my server. For example, a client with the X.X.X.X IP address is using 4Mbs of the server bandwidth.
Is it possible?

there are multiple solutions for metering network traffic - although you shall not use it for Tor because it is meant for anonymous communication

so possible, yes…
should you do it, no!


Thanks again for your reply.
I want to launch a Tor server for personal use and I don’t want all the clients to use the same bandwidth. What should I do?
Does Tor support traffic shaping?

not that i’m aware of - this QoS/shaping has to be implemented by the OS of the Tor instance or a network device in-between the proxy and its client