How to make my Tor node detect IP address change


I have dynamic WAN IPv4 adress from my ISP. They change it roughly once a month.

I have four Raspberry Pi 4’s running Raspbian Bookworm.
Latest tor version

I use ddclient to detect the IP changes and it works, because pinging my hostname afterwards shows the new IP address.

However, how can I make my Tor node detect the new IP address?

In torrc I have
Address ”hostname”
ORport ”port number”
as it should be…

Just ”sudo service tor reload” would’t make the trick.

I have to enter ”sudo service tor restart”.
And then uptime will be zeroed and the flags HSDIR GUARD disappear. Frustating…


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If you don’t set any ip or hostname in your torrc tor should be able to discover your address on it’s own.


This is expected. Remember that reloading a service is as it says, reload the configuration files and apply changes if necessary without stopping the service, since there hasn’t been any changes in the configuration, nothing is done.