How to get Guard flag

Can somebody please explain the guard flag and what relays get it?

Some say it’s 5MiB/s, some say it’s 2MiB/s and so now I have no idea what the requirements.

I can’t give you a precise answer, but I can get you fairly close based on my experience of maintaining 8+ guard relays. In order to even get a guard flag you must have consistent, stable 2MB+/s, with limited to no downtime for ~5 days. If the relay doesn’t maintain a bandwidth ~5MB/s your relay will intermittently lose the guard flag. I believe this is to balance and maintain a higher bandwidth across the circuits. If you maintain 5MB+/s stable and consistent your relay will likely preserve the guard flag and may even be assigned a HSDIR flag depending on uptime and high bandwidth stability.


The following is a great read on this topic, albeit dated.



In addition, you can read this post blog: The lifecycle of a new relay | The Tor Project

Especially the third step for you, depending of condition, it can take a few days to have the Guard flag


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