How to donate to Tor from UK Britain

Just wanted to find out how to donate to TOR, without being prompted to from the home page, when you start TOR


At the very top of the Tor Project website, there is a yellow button that reads “Donate Now”. Clicking through that will lead you to the donation page:

There are distinct donor tiers, with the first one being “Defenders of Privacy”, by donating monthly:

There is also an additional donor tier called “Champions of Privacy”, by donating at least $1,000 USD annually:


Thanks for supporting The Tor Project!

If you want to support their works and would like to financially contribute towards the project (even if it’s just a small amount of money), click here.

Or if you want to support the people that run Tor relays and bridges, there’s a list of them here, there’s also an organization that does that as well, but was not mentioned in the list (Tuxli), you can also donate to them by emailing them and asking their payment methods here.

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I think you should try To donate to TOR (The Onion Router) without being prompted from the homepage when you start TOR, you can visit their official website directly. Look for a “Donate” or “Support TOR” link usually found in the footer or under a section like “Get Involved.” There, you’ll find options to contribute financially to support their mission of privacy and anonymity online.