How to connect Tor Browser desktop and Tor Browser Android?

hi all do someone nos how you connect the tow browsers place help me

Sorry, I can’t say I fully understand what you mean here.

If you meant how you can connect these apps to the Tor Network then:

Tor Browser Desktop: Launch the browser and you should be greeted with a screen reading ‘Connect to Tor’. Now, click on the big purple ‘Connect’ button and it should bootstrap. So that you don’t have to do this every time you launch the browser, check ‘Always connect automatically’.

Tor Browser for Android: Launch the app, click on ‘Connect’ and it should bootstrap into the Tor Network.

If you meant how you can connect Tor Browser Desktop and Tor Browser Android together with, say, a Firefox account or something like that. That feature is disabled.


Thanks a lot it was if ther was som way to connect them so I can get my bookmarks from my Mobil to my desktop som how easy

Unfortunately there isn’t an easy way to transfer bookmarks from Tor Browser for Android, as Firefox Sync is not included in Tor Browser.

If you would like a workaround solution:

  1. In Tor Browser for Android, go to Bookmarks.

  2. Tap and hold each bookmark you want to transfer.

  3. Tap the Share icon. This will share a list of bookmark URLs.

  4. Choose a messaging application. Ideally, you would want a messaging app that’s privacy conscious and has a desktop app (like Element or Signal).

From there, you can open the message on your desktop computer and manually create bookmarks in Tor Browser Desktop.

It isn’t easy, but that’s how I personally do it.

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Thanks a lotta that really helps