How to change "MaxMemInQueues"?

My obsf4 proxy keeps complaining and having to delete circuits because it only has 256MB of RAM to work with. I asked a robot and according to her it’s a hardcoded value (in src/or/config.c) that I have to compile my own copy of Tor in order to change. I don’t mind compiling from source but that sounds kinda overkill so I’m hoping she’s wrong.

should not be hard-coded, it can be set with this line in your torrc:

MaxMemInQueues 1024 MB       # Limit Memory usage to

How much memory does the system the obsf4 proxy is running on have?
Maybe you could post the error message from your logs?

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That was an easy fix! Thank you! It had plenty of memory, it just was limiting itself to the default 256MB

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