How to calculate the overal throughput

I didn’t find information about how to calculate the overal throughput. And I think your answer will be useful not only to me. Can I keep an acceptable internet speed (of course without video in full hd) using this chain?

I swapped all, just in case

USB 4G/LTE Modem > Whonix OS on KVM/VirtualBox > Tor > VPS 1 > VPS 2 > VPS 3 (Close to each other, just like fast and private proxy)

Maybe u have some link where this explain?

You are using a secure OS to connect to Tor to then connect to 3 VPS?
Bruh, I don’t know what you’re doing but I’m pretty certain its fair to call that overkill. Even Snowden didn’t use that tangled setup and he still went unidentified.

Don’t worry, nothing’s wrong. Maybe just paranoid…
I’m too interested in this scheme to stop :slight_smile:
3 VPS it’s just proxy chain. Of course Tor is the slowest thing here. Wouldn’t it be too slow with the rest of the components?

Just use Tor, adding other hops won’t benefit you

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I do not agree

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