How to apply some restrictions on the Tor proxy server?


1- On a Tor proxy server which is located in the internal network of an organization, how can I limit the bandwidth of a group of IP addresses or a specific IP address?

2- When I use the netstat -nat command, it shows me the addresses of those who are connected to the Tor server and are using a proxy. Am I right? How can I find out how much bandwidth an IP address uses?

Any comments are welcome.

Thank you.

  1. I don’t think you can do this with a Tor server specifically, you’ll have to use an extra tool.
  2. You can try iftop or similar
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Thank you so much for your reply.
Doesn’t Tor have an option to limit bandwidth?

It does (see BandwidthRate, BandwidthBurst from man tor), but it can’t be configured per-client.

An option would be to run several Tor servers, one for each client.

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I may be wrong about some assumptions but yes, tor does have options to limit bandwidth, this can be done in three ways:


Those two options are used to limit traffic speed, while keeping your advertised bandwidth untouched. They are generally used along AccountingMax and AccountingStart when your VPS is under data usage limits. For example, you have a rented VPS with a plan of max 1TB traffic, if you exceed it you may be charged more or get your connection shutdown/heavily reduced.

The other option is the one I use as it also limits the maximum number of circuits, the main purpose is to limit overall bandwidth:


This last option is useful if you are running your relay on limited hardware, as I do, because by reducing the maximum number of circuits created, less CPU and RAM is used.

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