How to apply for a translator reviewer?

I am a member of a volunteer translation team. I come from China and am responsible for translating the English content of Tor Project hosted in Hosted Weblate into Chinese. I have been working on translation for a period of time. I want to further participate in it and help the translation content be put into the application faster. Therefore, I want to be a translator reviewer. At present, most of the translation content on Weblate has been translated but has not been approved, so it cannot be applied to the website immediately. So, it can’t serve people better. Personally, I am enthusiastic about the work of translation and have enough time to complete it.

I am a translator as well. Currently a freelancer.
Do you use any AI for your work or is it entirely manual? (Since I rely on AI for bulk work)
Like an AI audio or video translator can be used when required as it renders the translations quickly in one place.
Later on, any required changes can be edited accordingly. That’s what I think… would like to know your opinion.

Hello Chris!

Thanks for translating for the Tor Project. We need lots of help with the Chinese translations.

Regarding being a reviewer, this is not necessary to contribute to the translations. Reviewers are chosen along with the Localization Lab, that supports the Tor Project and works with many translators and reviewers.

Hello anni_anni!

The weblate instance had some services connected but I took them away because unfortunately people was clicking without reviewing and the translations were pretty bad. Right now most of the components are setup in a way that suggestions get created when there are similar strings on Weblate’s translation memory (the threshold is 95%).

In my opinion this translation helpers are not so good for our translations, that many times are short phrases and rely onto knowing a bit the software and understand its use. For example, this services will translate the options of the software instead of checking the actual button of the software on their language, in Spanish they tend to use formal and informal way with the readers, etc.

Maybe they will make more sense for the website paragraphs. I feel they separate translators from the interface even more than the translation platform alone, and thus lead to bad translations.

You could also download the translation files, use AI somewhere else, and then upload it to weblate. But this will also mean that you will miss the context information, comments of other translators, glossary entries and more when you translate.

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