How should users install .DEB or .tar.bz2 applications (like VeraCrypt) on Tails?

Excuse the noob question, I am new to Linux. I read through the Tails documentation on installing additional software and it seems to only mention how to install software from repositories. But how should users install applications when they’re only available through .DEB or .tar.bz2 file installers? I know it’s considered more dangerous because those applications wouldn’t have been vetted as they are not submitted to Debian’s repositories, but I don’t think I have any other option in my case.

For context, I’m looking to install VeraCrypt. Before someone mentions it, I am aware Tails comes with an “Unlock VeraCrypt Volumes” app. However, I need to create VeraCrypt containers and my threat model requires that I avoid untrustworthy and privacy-invasive operating systems, so I am unable to simply boot up a Windows PC and create the volumes there. The only relevant installers VeraCrypt provides are their .DEB and .tar.bz2 installers. Just in case, I tried searching the Debian repository but it seems that VeraCrypt is not available in the Debian repos. I used PGP to verify that the .DEB and .tar.bz2 files I downloaded are legitimate, but I’m not sure of how I can install either of them or how I would later uninstall it when I no longer need it the actual VeraCrypt app.