(how) should TPA use this thing?


right now we have three ways of talking with TPA:

  • IRC
  • GitLab issues
  • email

Should we be using or monitoring this space on top or instead of the above?

(I mostly made this because discourse was complaining we didn’t have that many posts… ;))


I don’t think the forum is the best place to report incidents on the infra. Is great for having an conversations and being able to search for past ones. But is hard to keep up with everything posted and don’t miss messages, I guess I could say the same for irc so maybe is me not liking forums so much.


i keep procrastinating the creation of a mailing list for sysadmins, i guess we should stick with mailman then. :wink:

Yes. I agree with meskio here. TPA does not have to use every channel out there for Tor :slight_smile: I think Gitlab, irc and email are enoguh to get incident and discuss any infra improvement.

i guess that implies that TPA doesn’t have to monitor this forum for system-level issues and those will get forwarded to gitlab by someone, riiight? :slight_smile: