How many hidden directories can be created within one torrc config?

I’m trying to run a large number of hidden directories on one server. What is the maximum quantity I can run?

When launching 350 hidden directories, but some of the domains do not launch.

What could be the reason for this behavior?

One torrc!? You doing this with just one Tor daemon? C-Tor is not multicore aware.
I would use several tor instances and then run some hidden services on each one.
Maybe tor file descriptor usage is at max. See: TUNING

350 hidden directories is much :slight_smile:
You should definitely adjust kernel parameters e.g.:
net.ipv4.ip_local_port_range = 1025 65530

Thanks for the answer

I run Tor instances in Docker containers on a very powerful server. This solves the issue with multicore aware. In one docker container I create 100 hidden directories. It turns out I have 4 docker containers. After launching containers with Tor, the domains rise, but somehow it is very unstable. Some work, some don’t.

Therefore, I want to figure out how many hidden directories can be created and launched. Maybe there are some recommendations or settings that will improve stability.

Additionally, I use this version of Tor in containers.

I checked the kernel parameters you specified

they were already installed on the server

net.ipv4.ip_local_port_range = 1024 65000

and file limits

* - nofile 2000000
root - nofile 2000000


I have no experience with docker. I’ve my instances bar metal running. (40 CPU-core / 40 Tor-exits + 40 Tor-Bridges or HS)

I would recommend an upgrade.

Changes in version - 2023-09-18
  o Major bugfixes (onion service):
    - Fix a reliability issue where services were expiring their
      introduction points every consensus update. This caused
      connectivity issues for clients caching the old descriptor and
      intro points. Bug reported and fixed by gitlab user
      @hyunsoo.kim676. Fixes bug 40858; bugfix on

Okay, I’ll try to update the tor.

I think that there shouldn’t be any big differences when running in Docker or without it. I can provide the output of the log file, but I don’t see anything special there.
It’s just very strange that some domains work and some don’t. The only thing I noticed is that those who are not working begin to work after different times, and those who are working stop working.

I really want to figure out why this happens, I couldn’t find any suitable information on this topic in the documentation

I would ask about this in the tor relay list. And refer to this thread.
Most relay operators don’t read this forum. :sweat_smile:

Log files are always good. Best on a pastebin page. Then they won’t be in some list archives forever.

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thanks, I’ll try :joy:

Now I began to notice another strange thing: after restarting the tor in the container, the domains rise, not immediately, but over time everything. The only thing is that after a while they randomly stop working, selectively.

I don’t understand what to do, maybe there are some restrictions on the number of published hidden directories on the Tor network?


By the way, I updated the tor to, but so far this has not solved the problem