How many days does it takes to become middle relay or entry relay

Its been 27 days and I still havn’t got relay flag thats says you are a middle relay or a entry relay. I read, it will take 20 days to become one of a relay

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Your relay do not need specific flag to be used as middle relay - it is by default.
To become guard your relay needs to be fast, stable and be known to network for several weeks.
If your relay have no Guard flag it means that it have either low bandwidth or unstable connection (ideally, relay should be online 24/7). Check if it have Fast, Stable, Running and Valid flags.
Also this article may be useful for you:

Yes I think my connection is not stable enough. thanks for pointing that out.
can you give me some suggestions on how do I make it stable. I think because my family members using a more bandwidth. any replay will help

yes it has all flag ( Fast, Stable, Running and Valid )

If you do not restart relay often, then stability mostly depends on ISP.

What Consensus Weight your relay have?
Fast flag by itself is not enough.
For Guard flag relay should be faster than required for just Fast flag.
I think that Consensus Weight should be more than 3000 for it.

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