How does one hide an Onion service's IP Address?

Hi Guys. Noob here. I am running a website on LEMP (VPS). Following the TorProject’s guide in creating an onion service, I’m able to access the website thru Tor but not the clearnet.

However, Tor Browser would display my server’s IP address when the site is loading.
Onion services do not expose the server’s IP address especially when loading.

How do I go about solving this issue?

It could happen due to a server misconfiguration, but it feels very unlikely to me. Can you tell us which guides you followed and share a screenshot of Tor Browser showing the IP address (feel free to obscure the actual address)?

Also, what you mean exactly by “when the site is loading”?

Hi Eldalie,

I was refering to the following guide minus the caddy:

and the following from TorProject:

After configuring Tor & Nginx, the onion address in the address bar & the address itself on the bottom left are shown by the Tor Browser.

But after a while, it shows:

The IP address of my server is exposed. This does not happen for all/many Onion services/websites.
The websites/services I visit show things like connecting to , redirecting to , etc.

How do I not show or/and expose my IP Address here?

Smells to me that your website loads some resources (images, scripts, styles) from hardcoded urls containing your IP.

the privex instructions are misleading.

use the one from the torproject and stick to localhost for listening!