How do I make Tor Browser to start in fullscreen?

Hello. I use Tor Browser a lot, and there’s that little thing that annoys me a little bit every time I use it: it launches in the window - not in fullscreen. And I always use it in the fullscreen because it’s more convenient that way. So every time I start Tor Browser I then have to click fullscreen - which annoys me because I’m lazy. So my question is: how do I make Tor Browser always start in fullscreen? Is there some setting in about:config that I should change in order to do so? I hope there is.

Yes I know that using fullscreen is very bad for anonymity, and that websites can track me this way. I don’t care. My question is not about anonymity and not about safety of using - it’s about how do I make my browser to do exactly what I want it to do instead of doing what it wants to do.


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You can’t within the browser itself, as it uses RFP (resistfingerprinting) which is locked in stable (and you really don’t want to disable this anyway). RFP employs a feature called newwin to start all and any new windows at set sizes. RFP is all or nothing, you can’t turn parts of it on or off.

you can try Maximize All Windows (Minimalist Version) – Get this Extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-US) at your own risk - I’m not endorsing it, but it has been recommended by some arkenfox users


I already disabled “resist fingerprinting” feature long time ago (for the same reason: it was extremely inconvenient to have that stupid frame around the window edges) and it’s still disabled on my PC.

I just tried that extension - and it didn’t changed anything at all. Too bad.

It is set true and LOCKED in current stable. I suggest you look again. Newwin only happens with RFP. If RFP is off, then it is not a Tor Browser problem

Outch, I have to say that I wish you know what you are doing here and maybe using the Tor Browser isn’t useful for you? Maybe just use a regular Firefox? (you’ll loose the Control features such as Circuit View and Circuit Rotation, but you might not care).
Disabling this feature is risky and I hope noone does that “just to be able to use fullscreen” (which can be achieve by pressing F11)

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