How come the forum is .net

Hi, i wanted to say why is this site as .net url when all metrics, blog and guide is .org? Thanks

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Policy: if it isn’t hosted by TPA, it isn’t on .org.

Right. See the gitlab ticket that HackerNCoder points to for more specifics. The short summary though is that currently we’re having Discourse run this forum for us, and because of how browsers handle cookies and other similar state, if we put the forum on a domain, that would be allowing Discourse (if they wanted) to start messing with other state. For example, it would make it easier for them to steal cookies.

Think of it as basic data hygiene, by isolating things better.

In the glorious future, I think there might still be a plan for hosting the forum ourselves, but we’re not there yet.

And as a nice unexpected bonus, when some ISPs in Russia blocked some of the Tor websites this week, they didn’t block the forum. :slight_smile:


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