How can one import passwords in Tor Browser

I have a file with saved passwords that I’ve exported from Tor Browser. How can I import that file into an other Tor Browser instance?

Use the import function from the other instance using the file export from the original instance

From Mozilla docs, that file was exported as cleartext.

I’ve never done this from Tor but only from Firefox standard. Assuming it’s the same.

That doesn’t work in my Tor Browser.

When I go to File → Import From Another Browser… I get a dialog that says “Tor Browser couldn’t find any programs that contain bookmark, history or password data” and two buttons either Cancel or Import From File. So I click on the second one and I get a second dialog that contains a drop-down but with the only option being “Bookmarks from HTML file”.

No possibility to import passwords.

The Mozilla docs say the password stuff is in files keys.db and logins.json of the current profile. Do those exist in the other instance of Tor?

Maybe that is not possible in Tor

I would NOT suggest that you copy them. That seems risky.

I’ll try the idea on a test machine I keep around for that type of stuff.

I see login and password comments in the change logs going back some time. I can only conclude that it is not possible with Tor. The options are not there so that must be it.

Maybe someone else has an idea or can confirm that it is not.

My tests were negative.

Not an expert with Tor.