How can I set up Tor in a private network?

Hi, I have to create a private network for a project and try to communicate anonymously. I would like to create a tor network with diferents relays but I couldn’t find much information about it. How can I do it or where should I start looking?

On this page (in this directory)

you should find something called nearly literally what you asked for:
135- Private Tor Networks.txt

Hello, here are two projects that can help you:

Shadow -
Chutney - - chutney - The chutney tool for testing and automating Tor network setup

If you can explain a little bit more about your project and what you would like to achieve, then others can share more resources.


The project is about anonymous communication. The idea is that I have to comunicate a bot that has been infected with a malware with a C&C server, baypassing the firewall and without trigger any alarm, all of these in a private network taht has tow parts, the internal network and the network that simulate internet. I am thinking diferents ways of doing that lika proxychains, tor or VPN.
In this case I am digging more in how I would do it with tor, I would have to create a tor network in the part of the network that simulates internet but I really dont know where to start. I have been reading a lot about tor and I understand how it works but I couldn’t find any example of what I want

Who do you work for? Who’s paying you?

Nobody, it is my bachelors dregree final project

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