How can I run Tor Browser nightly build on macOS

I’m trying to run nightly build (2023-06-23) on my macOS (14.0) , and mac says The application “Tor” can’t be opened. and I tried to on the same build on Windows and it worked. I spctl --global-disable it didn’t work. How can I open that or how can I build myself?

Hey @nvlli, are you using a mac with an apple silicon (e.g. M1 or M2) chip by any chance?

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I’m using m2 MBA

Right – unfortunately apple silicon based macs no longer allow you to run unsigned builds, and Tor Browser Nightlies are unsigned. I believe you can self-sign the builds if you’re comfortable using the terminal (calling @danb, author of the script you’ll need to use), or you can switch over to the Alpha release channel instead.

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Great, I’m using the alpha release already and it’s awesome. Still perhaps it’s not that “alpha” to me ( I’d find out how to sign apps with or without devs’ help, thank you!

You’re welcome!

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So I wrote the linked to script to help/automate the process, as I have to do it too, and then added a bunch of docs to it to help with the parts that aren’t automatable. Let me know if it helps/works or if part of it doesn’t work for you so I can try and make it more applicable to more folks


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