How can i open a Tor file via .onion url?

I have a specific question when using the Tor Browser (desktop version), it’s about the following:

I downloaded a file in Tor url with xy…onion… that is supposed to contain several files, see attachment. This is what the file looks like the file.

According to the file properties, the file only says: Type: unknown file type.

I don’t know my way around with the tor browser, did I do something wrong when downloading?
Do I have to unzip/extract the file somehow using a special tool / program?

Would be nice for your help, please.

Try to identify the file type with TrID.

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The question is more like this:
How can I download all files from a .onion url like …fthdhh.onionshshshsh… (a very long url)?

Unfortunately I am a layman and I’m not very familiar with the subject, I’ve always used torrent but .onion and Tor Browser are something different.

I thought the ALL_Files file was the entire folder structure. Somehow it seems to be a different connection.