How can I force Tor Browser to use a new circuit for a stalled download?

When I download a file in Tor Browser from a server that supports resume transfer, it works fine all three nodes are fast and operational. In a larger file’s case though the download often stall when one node no longer works. Then I don’t want to lose my download progress, but when I click on retry button it’s still Failed- Network error, and I can only restart Tor Browser to rotate circuit in which case I will lose my download progress.
The server I’m downloading from supports resume transfer, tested in my non-Tor browser.

  • Operating System you are using: Mac
  • Tor Browser version: 12.0.2
  • Tor Browser Security Level: Standard
  • Step by step of how you got to the issue, so we can reproduce it: 1. Open Tor Browser and connect 2. Navigate to the url of a large file to be downloaded 3. The Tor browser attempts to download the file 4. After ~5 minutes “Failed - Network error” appears 5. Clicking the retry icon will cause it to be at “0KB/s” for a while and then “Failed - Network error” again
  • The Tor log:
2023-02-09 01:13:39.258 [NOTICE] New control connection opened from
2023-02-09 01:13:39.258 [NOTICE] New control connection opened from
2023-02-09 01:13:39.264 [NOTICE] DisableNetwork is set. Tor will not make or accept non-control network connections. Shutting down all existing connections.
2023-02-09 01:14:55.999 [NOTICE] Opening Socks listener on
2023-02-09 01:14:55.999 [NOTICE] Opened Socks listener connection (ready) on
2023-02-09 01:14:56.327 [NOTICE] Bootstrapped 5% (conn): Connecting to a relay
2023-02-09 01:14:56.431 [NOTICE] Bootstrapped 10% (conn_done): Connected to a relay
2023-02-09 01:14:57.282 [NOTICE] Bootstrapped 14% (handshake): Handshaking with a relay
2023-02-09 01:14:57.682 [NOTICE] Bootstrapped 15% (handshake_done): Handshake with a relay done
2023-02-09 01:14:57.683 [NOTICE] Bootstrapped 75% (enough_dirinfo): Loaded enough directory info to build circuits
2023-02-09 01:14:57.683 [NOTICE] Bootstrapped 90% (ap_handshake_done): Handshake finished with a relay to build circuits
2023-02-09 01:14:57.684 [NOTICE] Bootstrapped 95% (circuit_create): Establishing a Tor circuit
2023-02-09 01:14:59.641 [NOTICE] Bootstrapped 100% (done): Done
2023-02-09 01:14:59.720 [NOTICE] New control connection opened from
2023-02-09 07:13:39.365 [NOTICE] Heartbeat: Tor's uptime is 6:00 hours, with 0 circuits open. I've sent 4.83 MB and received 57.15 MB. I've received 153 connections on IPv4 and 0 on IPv6. I've made 8 connections with IPv4 and 0 with IPv6.
2023-02-09 07:13:39.367 [NOTICE] While not bootstrapping, fetched this many bytes: 368549 (consensus network-status fetch); 404428 (microdescriptor fetch)
2023-02-09 07:13:39.367 [NOTICE] Average packaged cell fullness: 48.974%. TLS write overhead: 4%
2023-02-09 12:01:17.966 [NOTICE] New control connection opened from
2023-02-09 12:15:38.081 [NOTICE] Guard <redacted> ($<redacted>) is failing more circuits than usual. Most likely this means the Tor network is overloaded. Success counts are 148/290. Use counts are 24/24. 275 circuits completed, 0 were unusable, 127 collapsed, and 132 timed out. For reference, your timeout cutoff is 95 seconds.
2023-02-09 12:28:34.381 [NOTICE] New control connection opened from