Hosting website

Hi, I created my personal static website a few weeks ago with the main goal to be seen by recruiters.
I was wondering if it’s ok to host a onion instance of that website, just to show that IT is what I do everyday.

Why wouldn’t it be?

Having worked for many very large IT companies in the past two decades, I have yet to find a recruiter that is able to go to an .onon site though. Even if they know what it is (remember, recruiters are more focused on HR-related topics and soft-skills, they have very limited to no IT skills/knowledge), most large companies don’t allow things like the tor browser to be run on their large corporate network and/or on corporate devices. So I feel like it wouldn’t get you a benefit in any large IT company.

Maybe it works better for the smaller companies (less than 100 employees?), but I wouldn’t really know.


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Thank you for that last reply. I did host that website mostly to learn. But know that it is hosted and works perfectly well. I wanted to keep it.