Homepage settings ignored for the new window opened by New Identity

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An update few days ago fix a problem that every time when I open the browser, it will open a tab shows Tor Project donate information, even I set “Homepage and new windows” to “Blank Page” in browser settings.

But they only fixed half of it: when I create a new identity, it will still open a donation tab. Please fix it. I’ve already donated it and I really don’t expect to see it while using browser, it will just turn me off.

Tor Browser version: macOS 13.0.4 (64)

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Am not a Tor expert but I just have to answer this.

It is not a bug which you are reporting; only a complaint.

One click on the X does the trick… OR not. The address bar works even with the donate picture as does the DuckDuck search form. So does a bookmark. So with any of these three methods the donate picture goes away. “Bug” solved.

I would be concerned if the donate picture did not show because they somehow knew I donated, which I did. I would be thinking: “This is scary that they know I donated the instant I open Tor”.

A solution if Tor turns you off: Google Chrome. It’s also “free” and no donate money bug.

I believe this is related to tor-browser#42172

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