Help with multiple relays per IP keys

Hello everyone, it has been a while since I last commented on the forum. I decided to host a new relay with more resources since my first (and until now, only) relay. It goes down from time to time as it has very limited hardware available, 1vCPU and 1GB RAM, being RAM consumption over 75% at all times.

In my new machine with plenty resources I used tor-instance-create (edit: as I already host another relay there) to have more than one daemon up (and since the new limit is 8 relays per IP, I plan on setting up a few more).

I want to transfer my old relay to this machine, and that hasn’t been an issue with fresh installs since you just have to move your keys and set up torrc. However, when using tor-instance-create, I just can’t locate where I can put new relays keys or where they are created.

/var/lib/tor/keys just has the keys for your tor@default, and there is no /var/lib/tor-instances/$my_instance>/keys directory or similar on sight

Any idea? Thanks in advance.

Apparently some mandatory directories aren’t created until you first start the daemon, so that solves the issue.

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