Help with Changing IP and Geolocation for Testing

Hello everyone,

I’m facing a frustrating situation and need the community’s help to overcome a challenge affecting my virtual freedom.

I need to change my IP address and geolocation to test advertising campaigns in different regions. Unfortunately, traditional options are keeping me trapped in a digital reality limited by my current location. This is preventing me from exploring the full global, borderless potential that should be within my reach.

Challenges with Traditional Solutions:
VPNs and Proxies: Despite trying various options, major advertising platforms seem adept at detecting and blocking the use of these tools, reducing their effectiveness. It’s as if I’m battling an algorithm that insists on confining me to a specific geographical point, limiting my view to a small part of the world.

Private Tor Network: I’m considering using a private Tor network that allows me to change IP and location as needed. By using specific exit nodes, I hope to simulate different geographical locations. However, implementing such a solution can be complex and requires specialized guidance.

GNSS-SDR: Another option I’m exploring is GNSS-SDR technology to load predefined geographical coordinates. This could be a precise way to trick platform verification systems, but again, I need guidance on setting up and using this technology effectively.

Other Considered Options:
Hosting Service and VM: I’m thinking of using hosting services in specific countries, operating a virtual machine (VM) in those locations. The idea is to create a secure tunnel to route my traffic through this VM, thus hiding my real location and IP. However, costs and complexity may pose obstacles.

Remote Access and Direct Connections: Besides remotely accessing PCs in different locations, I’m considering setting up direct connections through secure tunnels to control devices in strategic locations. This could be a more robust solution, but I still need advice on the best way to implement it without compromising my security and efficiency.

Appeal to the Community:
I feel limited by algorithms that confine me to a micro digital reality, when in fact, we’re part of a macro world without borders. I’m looking for a solution that allows me to navigate and operate globally without these artificial restrictions.

If anyone has faced a similar challenge or has suggestions on how I can overcome these limitations, please share your ideas and experiences. I’m open to any advice on tools, techniques, or strategies that can help me achieve the virtual geographical freedom I’m seeking.

Thank you in advance for any help or suggestions you can offer!

When using Tor you can use ExitNodes {us}, for example, to exit from USA. Now if there are no exit nodes in a geolocation then it’s a no go. I have not found a way yet to dynamically change this on the fly and have not even really tried.

The line goes in the file torrc. You did not mention your OS so in Windows it is in Tor Browser\Browser\TorBrowser\Data\Tor on the desktop using a standard install. I don’t remember where it is in Linux.

The advertising platforms may be just as adept at detecting Tor also. The node IPs are public knowledge.

It is the same for GNU/Linux, wherever you downloaded the browser, then it just follows the same dir structure :smiley:

Guess what you are searching for is a “residential proxy” provider and you will probably not have success with using Tor for that purpose.

So you can try the solution suggested by BobbyB but if it does not work a different tool than Tor might be handy for you.