Help me please, Tor Browser Security Level

Hi guys, I’m new

Is it safe to use the “most secure” security level on a malicious Onion service without https support?

another doubt

This same level of security is good, for the basic things a person would do in a browser with chrome? for example go shopping XD. Obviously no one uses tor to go shopping on ebay or amazon but it is only an example, taking into account that your financial information may be compromised.

It is never safe, to visit any malicious site. It doesn’t matter, if it is an onion service or a regular website. See Security Vulnerabilities fixed in Firefox 97 — Mozilla for example.

The most secure option isn’t good for many things you do with chrome, since it completely disables javascript, which sadly makes many sites unusable. You should read a bit more on what these security settings do and what they try to achieve.

You can go shopping with torbrowser, if you make sure you are using https, but if you use your regular account on for example amazon then there would be no privacy benefit. Except if you try to hide from your own isp.