Has anyone used Tor plus Jondonym?

Hi all,
I know that there is another anonymizing service called Jondonym. On the Whonix page, they mention that Tor can be combined with Jondonym for added privacy.

Unfortunately, the download and support pages for Jondonym are NOT https, which seems to be a serious omission. Here is their website:

Does anyone have thoughts on Jondonym, either by itself or combined with Tor? Thank you.

Is JonDonym still alive and usable? Their website states

Unfortunately, we have to close our service until 2021-08-31.

Thank you. Did they re-open after August 31, 2021? Actually I tried to email them, and it didn’t go through. So they could have shut down.

@Tobrop, you are right, they are closed. They were trying to say that they closed up shop on August 31, 2021. That still leaves I2P, though. Thanks again.

Whonix has always looked interesting, I wish you didn’t need about 8 GB of RAM for it to work.

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You might be able to get a good price on a used laptop with 8 GB of RAM on Craigslist