Google Voice microphone permissions


I have seen users on Reddit saying they use GV with Tor, but not sure how to make it work.

First, I cannot allow access to mic on win 7.

In the address bar, I went to google voice, signed in, clicked on lock sign in the address bar - verified by google trust services - connection secure - more info - permissions. Allowed use of mic.
Now I have a symbol in the address bar saying I granted temp permissions to use mic. But it still doesn’t work. Trying to make a call, I still get an error message saying need permission to use mic. Going to the Tor settings - privacy and security -mic doesn’t have any permissions. It worked quickly for the regular FF browser, but not FF on Tor.

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you.


Tor Browser disables

  • mediaDevices: media.navigator.enabled + media.peerconnection.enabled
  • web Audio: dom.webaudio.enabled

Mullvad Browser doesn’t, as it supports webRTC. RFP does protect mediaDevices (by reporting one generic microphone and one generic video).

IANAE on webRTC … but the idea is now web audio is protected from fingerprinting (coming in Tor Browser 14), and once UDP is available then we can then turn these all on. At least I think the main reason is UDP

Also we’re working on reproducible builds for OpenH264 Codec from Cisco, so we can bundle that as well.

@richard might be able to clarify more


Thank you!