Good Bad ISPs - Frantech / Ponynet (AS53667) = is a Frantech / Ponynet brand.

Please let me know if there is a better way to communicate these notes.

As a new relay operator, I went with BuyVM as they are listed under " Good Experiences".

I agree. They are a good host.

However, above the listings is a warning to avoid Frantech / Ponynet. These are the same company.

They have the same AS53667 entry. In essence, the list says they are good but should be avoided due to saturation.

As for saturation, it might be a good idea to break-out between their Dallas, Luxembourg, and Las Vegas sites. I went with Vegas because Dallas seems to have a very large Tor pipe.

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That doesn’t really make a difference if it’s all the same company and therefore ultimately under the control of the same individuals.


What is tor pipe?

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