Go cannot build properly, Snowflake Troubleshooting

Hi I am attempting t o install a snowflake proxy in a VPS
When I build GO, I get this error

/common/util/util.go:9:2: package slices is not in GOROOT (/usr/lib/go-1.18/src/slices)

Can anyone provide any advice, I’m following the instructions verbatim, tried three times and no time does it build properly?

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Looks like you are trying to build it with go version 1.18. snowflake needs go 1.21 or greater to build.


As @meskio said, you need to use version 1.21 or greater, as stated in the docs.

My recommendation is to download the latest version available (1.22 at this moment) that suits your operating system from here, and then follow the instructions for your OS.

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The guide I am using was a bit older, It up and working. Thank you

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For Debian you can use Go from the backports, I do this with Ansible in this way: tor-relays/playbooks/roles/setup_snowflake/tasks/tools-src.yaml at main · toralf/tor-relays · GitHub


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