Gitlab with v3 auth key

Im not sure if this is the right place to ask this. I stood up a gitlab instance as a hidden service and so far it seems okay. I can run git commands on the client side through torproxy. The issue comes when I configure v3 auth keys on the site. I can log into the site using my v3 private key, but when I try to clone a repo with HTTP, the proxy fails to connect. I kind of suspected this would happen, and was hoping there would be a configuration setting in the torproxy.conf or torrc to handle this, but so far all Im seeing is specifying the privaye key via a tor browser. If anyone has ideas on how to handle this I would be very grateful. Thanks for any replies I may get.

Hey :slight_smile:

I don’t know if you hit a bug or what, but from your report it seems that you can access this GitLab instance through Tor Browser, but not through Git in the command line.

I suspect you provided the v3 auth key just in Tor Browser. What happens is that Tor Browser and the system’s tor daemon are in general independent processes.

So you have to provide the v3 auth key to both processes.

If that’s the case, please follow the procedure in the “Client side” section of this document: Tor Project | Client Authorization